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RiverTech API

The Project has been Temporarily Pushed Aside, We are working with more Specific Applications that Work With Java, and that is our Primary Focus.

We hope to add more information and features to the page as we update the API, Please Follow the project
What is the RiverTech API
The RiverTech API is a general API for Visual Basic Developers.

Who are you Looking For
We Are looking for people who can help us with the project, and maybe stick around at RiverTech. We want people that will be helpful, and contribute.

When is this going to release? What is the Status of the Project
We hope to have a release by the end of 2013... Hopefully
We currently have this project Inactive due to not having enough staff, Join the project and Help us out!

I want to contribute... what do i do
Start by join the project on codeplex, or emailing or, if you apply on codeplex, please include an email

I want The Source, I want To Use It, Review It, Whatever.
The Source Code is published to the "Source Code" Tab, Although this may fall out of date. Email us if you want to see the Updated source code. Remember, We Published this under a License. We Request Credit Be Given if you use our Code.

I used The API in my Application, Must i Give Credit?
We Encourage that you do. Although, it is not required.

Contacting Us:
You May Contact Us by:
Just Send a Message!
Visit Our Site,

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